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Are you a purpose-driven leader with a wealth of expertise and broad networks eager to share your knowledge, insights, and networks to create a better world?
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It is simple to get involved and start helping social ventures that can benefit from your expertise. Just sign up to take our pledge and you will be invited to participate in a variety of programs to activate your knowledge.
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Catalyze Sessions

Join a team of purpose-driven leaders to provide insightful support for a social venture addressing an opportunity or challenge in an engaging 90 minute session.
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Share your networks and access our entire community’s networks to build a better world for people and the planet.
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Knowledge Hub Circles

Participate in a self-selected small community to discuss a specific global issue and together, find ways to drive action. Accessible through The Knowledge Hub.
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Acceleration Projects

Drive deep impact with a team of purpose-driven leaders to help a social venture address a significant opportunity to scale over the course of 3 months.
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The first step to get involved and activate your knowledge is to sign The Knowledge Pledge. Are you a purpose-driven leader with a wealth of expertise and broad networks willing to share your knowledge with high potential social ventures addressing pressing issues? If so, sign The Knowledge Pledge.

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I believe generous acts of knowledge can benefit people and the planet.  

I support the vision to create a global collaborative effort that exchanges knowledge and embraces a solutions-oriented mindset to accelerate and scale positive impact.   

I pledge to share my knowledge, expertise, and connections to support social enterprises committed to solving today’s greatest global challenges.

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