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TKP offers a dynamic environment for impact oriented community members to engage more deeply in their impact journey through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Active ecosystem participants are invited to join and engage with others and impact focused content in The Knowledge Hub. We have several Impact Circles, passion-based forums that self-organize to connect and solve issues of shared interest to join, or request your own.

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TKP Signatories are invited to bring their own impact projects into the TKP ecosystem and form working groups, host an Impact Circle with other TKP Signatories as well as join other Impact Circles of general interest. Impact Circles invite participation through posting and sharing questions or best practices. Impact Circles offer opportunities to collaborate with others, as well as quest collaboration or advice from others.

Unique to the The Knowledge Hub isthe dedicated space for members to ask for expertise, knowledge or connections through our Impact Requests.

Impact Circles have access to TKP engagement specialists to ensure effective communication, monitor milestones, assist with any difficulties, post updates to TKP media, and share impact metrics and success stories.
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