About us

"The Knowledge Pledge is a movement that advances the traditional definition of P&L to one of Purpose & Legacy. It inspires a new knowledge economy and 'P&L for Life.™'"
- Alain Chetrit, TKP Founder and Chairman
our story

From the pandemic, to wildfires, to war, to poverty and beyond, 2020 has shown that we must accelerate progress toward a better planet.

Three global YPO leaders—Alain Chetrit, Pierce Dunn and Abhijit Pawar—saw the desperate need to amplify global change and sustainability efforts.  

Inspired by the Giving Pledge, The Knowledge Pledge (TKP) was founded in 2021 to ignite the movement to generously give knowledge in service of people and the planet. TKP unlocks human capital and spirit to help social enterprises achieve their aspirational goals. By sharing knowledge, we can scale impact, and therefore shape the world. Together, we can help billions of people and empower progress for future generations.  

The Knowledge Pledge defines knowledge as wisdom and understanding one has based upon life experiences, skills mastered, education and personal intuition. True knowledge integrates rational, emotional and spiritual truths.

We believe that the unity of knowledge and action is the means to transform the world for all of humanity.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

To share knowledge, scale impact, and accelerate progress on the world’s most pressing issues by connecting purpose-driven leaders with innovative social entrepreneurs around the globe.  We do this by creating curated platforms for leaders with a wealth of experience and broad networks and high potential social ventures to exchange their expertise, insights, connections and resources.

Our Vision

Across the globe, people activate their knowledge in new ways to build a brighter future for people and the planet. 

Our Work

Our areas of impact are centered around mitigating climate risk, expanding economic opportunities for all, making education accessible, and supporting access to food, better health & well-being.  These impact pillars are tied directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Our core values

What we believe in


We are people who care about each other and humanity. Our goodwill is apparent in our mutual interactions, respect, sharing and spirit of inclusion as we work together for impact.


We build meaningful relationships based in mutual trust and a spirit of true partnership. Our challenges and impact opportunities are much bigger than any single person or organization.

Curiosity and Learning

We continuously build upon our knowledge celebrating new insights and learnings which drive innovation and accelerate our impact.


We see great challenges as urgent opportunities. We can and will make a big impact toward inclusive economic growth and prosperity in greater harmony with the planet