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The Knowledge Pledge is a consortium of purpose-driven leaders and innovative social entrepreneurs committed to securing a brighter future for all people and the planet by exchanging knowledge.

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What we do

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We unite leaders with a wealth of expertise and broad networks with high potential social entrepreneurs in curated platforms to co-create solutions addressing the world’s most pressing issues. Individuals who sign The Knowledge Pledge (our Signatories) believe generous acts of knowledge can benefit people and the planet, and are invited to share their knowledge by participating in our platforms:

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Catalyze Sessions

Join a team of purpose-driven leaders to provide insightful support for a social venture addressing an opportunity or challenge in an engaging 90 minute session.
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Share your networks and access our entire community’s networks to build a better world for people and the planet.
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Knowledge Hub Circles

Participate in a self-selected small community to discuss a specific global issue and together, find ways to drive action. Accessible through The Knowledge Hub.
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Acceleration Projects

Drive deep impact with a team of purpose-driven leaders to help a social venture address a significant opportunity to scale over the course of 3 months.
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Ready to take the pledge?

The first step to engage is to take The Knowledge Pledge.  After becoming a Signatory of the pledge, you will be invited to participate in a number of programs to activate your knowledge.

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Our Signatories are purpose-driven leaders with a wealth of expertise and broad networks eager to share their knowledge, insights, and networks to create a better world

Social Ventures

Our social ventures are the driving force behind making our world a better place.  They welcome being connected with Signatories with knowledge that can unleash their potential to scale impact.

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